Event Partners

How we can help

Event Partners Ltd.’s co-founders, Barbara and Nicole have been involved in many large scale events in New Zealand, Australia and overseas.  They have handled all phases of events from conception, budgeting, seeking sponsorship, media exposure and sourcing the professionals as needed; as well as inviting qualified participants to events using an online registration and vetting system, including invitations, accommodation and transportation for overseas visitors. The goal is to manage the logistics of the event to achieve the stated goals in a supporting role with the corporate partner. Using their established industry network, they will negotiate the best prices and provide full backup for greater transparency. Together we are equipped to target both the baby boomer and the millennial generations.

Services Provided
• One-to-One Business Meetings
• Destination scouting
• Venue selection & negotiation
• Event logos and branding, signage
• Registration apps and website
• A/V, lighting, staging
• Exhibiton design
• Catering for all budgets
• Travel arrangements
• Health & Safety Compliance
• VIP Keynote Speakers
• Fabrication & Custom Builds
• Public relations